Creative Consultation  

Do you want to move forward on a project that is close to your heart?
Do you want above all to have clearer ideas and the energy that can come out of it?
In Arles or on line, by videoconference.
On site in your offices if your time is particularly short, or your artist’s studio if you have one, especially if they are in Provence, in Paris or London.
We discuss your projects to better understand the reasons behind them. We affirm your intentions. We identify the difficulties and obstacles that may arise in order to better prepare you for them. We explore the avenues that may be open to you. Over time, we mark the progress of your project.

Writing & Creative Development

Do you want to present yourself or your work through a text highlighting the originality of your work and thinking ?
For the writing of a text presenting an artistic work, two creative consultations are generally recommended. The idea is that the text produced will be immediately useful to you, but also to go beyond words by making you aware of a possible direction for your project. A writing fee of 50 euros per set of up to 1,500 characters (including spaces) on a given topic then applies.
For the writing of marketing documents, rates depends on the complexity of the case. An estimate will be drawn up in advance.

Creative Residencies

For anyone who wants to concentrate for a few days on the development of a project or simply recharge their batteries. Mia Casa, the guest house that I founded in Arles in 2010, has been designed to offer a truly inspiring setting, in the heart of an artistic as well as historic city at the gateway of the Camargue natural reserve. A stay at the house can of course be the opportunity a face to face creative consultations with me.